Bangkok, 09/09/09
CN InterReadWrite Suit -enabling smartphone to read and write Hindi, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese

C&N Solution Co., Ltd., the leader of Mobile Software developers in Thailand, has developed the National Languages Support on Smartphones (Windows Mobile Phone, Android Phone and other OS) to OEMs and Operators in Thailand for more than 150 mobile models. C&N Solution is gaining strong experience and celebrating the 9th year developing international languages on smartphones such as Hindi, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

CN InterReadWrite Suite is a powerful software which enables Smartphone to Read and Write in Hindi, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese language for all applications. CN InterReadWrite Hindi Suit, our new product, works for all devices with Windows Mobile version 6.1 and up. This Hindi Suite Supports to all WM of your Pocket PC (MS Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, MSN, and SMS/MMS). With the Hindi Language support for synchronization by ActiveSync with MS Office and Microsoft Outlook, Contacts, Tasks, and E-Mail. Simultaneous use of Hindi Virtual Keyboard, Regional Settings applet supports Hindi Characters, National Language Support for Date and Time format.

C&N Solution has also developed requested softwares or customizations as needed for Operators and Manufacturers. For more information of our products and services, please visit our company website at email: [email protected], Tel: 662 669 6000

About C&N Solution Co., Ltd
C&N Solution Company was established in early year 2000. The company has gained wide experience in Windows Mobile Software Development as well as the Wireless Application. With prove and strong experience of the management team, customers can be trusted with the reliable CN products.

C&N Solution has been working together with the partnership OEMs and Operators in the past nine years. Moreover, the company has produced more than fifty projects vary of more than 150 mobile models to the Thai Market.

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