Bangkok, 09/10/09
C&N Solution celebrating 9 years completion distributes CN Half Screen Keyboard for Windows Mobile 6.1 for free!!

C&N Solution Company Ltd., Software Developer on Window Mobile and Android Phone which is recognized by network operators and Smart phone distributors in Thailand to bundle the program collaborating with more than 150 models, celebrates the 9th anniversary, to develop program and expand products to international market such as Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai language support and Multilingual Dictionaries on Smartphone. As this occasion, C&N Solution distributes free CN Half Screen Keyboard, the half screen keyboard program that can input the alphabets easily by touch system for all users who use Windows Mobile 6.1.

CN Half Screen Keyboard program is the Half Screen Keyboard program on Window mobile Phone that makes it easy to input data easily by touching. Windows Mobile Users can use finger to touch and slide on the monitor to choose the alphabet including gesture to show alphabet in balloon when pressed in beautiful layout and skin. Users can also choose to type in English and symbol in both horizontal and vertical way. This program also support vibration when typing and sound option when pressed. This enables the users to input the data with one hand touch correctly, accurately and most conveniently.

Those interested in CN Half Screen Keyboard can download from the website and interested people can follow programmer news, program update and the promotions of the company at

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