Bangkok, 09/09/09
C&N Solution joins hand with Prof. Dr. Wit Thiengburanatham to launch dictionary on iPhone on App Store for being convenient and easy to search without using any text book.

Three programs as pilot projects: 1. Dr. Wit’s Library Edition, 2. Dr. Wit’s Desk Edition, 3. DR. Wit’s Pocket Edition

Ms. Netchanok Trirayapiwat, Managing Director,  C&N Solution Co., Ltd. Program Developer on mobile phone  said “ C&N has brought Prof. Dr. Wit Thiengburanatham’s dictionary of English – Thai and Thai - English, the best seller dictionary in Thailand to make a program used with iPhone. Dr. Wit’ s dictionary has been the best seller because he has conducted the research for developing vocabularies and contents. His dictionary contains modern translation and new sample sentences. Since the language is changeable, Dr. Wit’s dictionary is very popular among students and the public. As we know, now English language plays more important roles in the Thais’ life, for example,  news, songs, movies and business information and so on. The office workers, students  and the those who want to use English language can search for new translated words more often than before. Searching for vocabularies from text book may be slow and inconvenient. When C&N Company sees the opportunity in expanding the channel, these vocabularies are used to put in the  program that will be   convenient  for users. In this year, the target for distribution is about 9 million baht and it is expected that the sale volume will reach 4 million baht  for the third quarter because it is the period of launching product and new term for school opening. The total market value is 10 million baht. It is expected that distribution of the program can make 90 percent of total market values.

“In the future, the market for making programs will be the big one and it will be another area that can bring about incomes to our country since Thai people are shrewd and clever in making software in different forms. C&N Solution Company has planned to make a program of dictionary  in many languages for distribution through the same channel such as  English – Japanese and English – French etc. It will be another pride of Thai people that C&N Solution Company will  bring the dictionary program developed by Thai people to the world. It is expected that in 2010, the mentioned dictionary will be distributed for around 32 languages all over the world”, said Ms. Netchanok.

Beside making a dictionary program on iPhone, the company also makes a dictionary program on mobile phone in several platforms such as on windows mobile and android etc.

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