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CN Thai Suite for Android

Our new product, CN Thai Suite on Android allows you to Read and Write in Thai language for all applications on your PDA Phone and SmartPhone.

  • Works for all devices with Android 1.1 and up
  • Full Thai Support for all  Android applications
  • With the Thai Language support for synchronization with your PC
  • Simultaneous use of Thai Virtual Keyboard
  • Regional Settings applet supports Thai Characters
  • National Language Support for Date and Time format
  • Screen Display
  • Thai Keyboard
  • System Setting
  • Synchronization

Displaying Thai Characters in All Applications

  • Surf the Internet and read or write Thai Language
  • Enjoy your PDA’s applications and all other Software much more with Thai Language support
  • Read all your mails, contact calendar, browser e-mail massaging, music, Quickoffice and PDF viewer in Thai
  • Synchronize your PC with the Thai Full Support
The Feature of CN Thai Keyboard

1. Option for keyboard layout

Users can choose from two types of the layout which are the traditional style (Full Qwerty) and the chic style (Mini Qwerty)


2. Keyboard Types

 2.1 Traditional layout (Full Kedmanee)

Arranging the consonants and vowels as on standard computer keyboard the most, suitable for users familiar with computer keyboard.


2.2 Chic layout (Mini Kedmanee)

Arranging frequently used consonant characters on the first page, separated with vowels. The outstanding feature is - it is the only keyboard which looks widest because it contains only 4 rows with no more than 10 letters per row. Thus, it makes screen touching easy and accurate. Suitable for small screen or the users who prefer largest keyboard on screen.


2.3 English Keyboard


2.4  Numeric Keyboard

3. Phone Pad automatically starts when in phone number mode.

4. Options for select font type with bold or normal font

Bold font for keyboard face make it more easy to use for some devices.


5. Vibration when typing

This configuration makes users better responsive to the keys pressing. Users can use the settings on the icon Settings > Locale & text > CN Thai Keyboard as shown in the picture.


6. Auto-capitalization

The program will capitalize the first English letter in each sentence automatically.


7. Sound feedback

Users can turn on/off typing sound for better feedback when typing. Users can also change sound volume when sound option enabled.


8. Intelligent Word Suggestion

Users can input a complete word by just a few touches on the keyboard. The working process is that the program will guess the word users are typing by considering from the letters touched on the keyboard. After that, the program will show up users’ expected words. Users can confirm the wanted word by pressing on the letter shown or by pressing spacebar to fill in the data automatically. Apart from that, the program can suggest words in the case that users type wrong letters by Proximity Correction technique which the program will show up proximal words for users to choose.


9. Word recordable

In the case that users input the letters not existing in the Word Suggestion system of the program, users can also record special words into the system by touch and hold at the letters as shown in the picture.


10. Touch and Hold support for special letters input

For some buttons, the program can function “touch and hold” to show a variety of the letter both in Thai and English as shown below.


11. Fast access to settings page

Users can set your configuration through the menu Settings > Locale & text > CN Thai Keyboard or get quick access to this page by touch and hold on the button “12#”.


12. Action by dragging on keyboard

Users can erase letters by dragging from the right keys on the keyboard to the left side (Back space). There will be word suggestions to choose also.

Users can capitalize letters by dragging from the bottom keys on the keyboard to the top (Shift).
13. Thai keyboard with auto search button
14. Language Indicator notified when used hardware keyboard (ท/E).


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