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EM Sale Force

EM Sales Force  (Web & PDA)
EM Sales Force is using to manage orders from your PDA/mobile phone. Program consist of 2 components,  mobile client to send order taking and web application for received orders from mobile and manage all others back office information. All relevant information such as customers database or inventory can send to mobile phone over-the-air and mobile can send order back to database of the web application at the same time. Then back office can process billing document and shipping goods to customers efficiently.

Main Program Features

  1. Web application component
    • Create/edit/delete product database
    • Create/edit/delete  customer database
    • Get order from PDA/mobile phone and save to database
    • Manage order from several mobile phone
    • Ability to connect to customer's accounting system via web services development
    • Reports
  1. Mobile phone component
    • Get customer and product database from back office over-the-air via Wi-Fi or GPRS/EDGE
    • Get optimized product images over-the-air
    • Manage mobile order
    • send mobile order  back to web Application (Wi-Fi or GPRS)
    • Sales reports

System Requirements

  1. Web application
    • Web server with minimum 512 MB of RAM.
  2. Mobile phone component
    • Mobile phone or PDA with Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC / Pocket PC Phone Edition or Windows Mobile 6 Professional / Classic or higher operating system

Program Features

  1. Product and customer database control by web application.
  2. Image of product store on the back office database and then optimized and send to mobile  phone or PDA when request.
  3. Data can synchronize via Wi-Fi or GPRS/EDGE.
  4. Support order taking from multiple devices.
  5. Simple CRM system for salesperson.
  6. Select only required data for send back to web application.
  7. Backup/Restore database on mobile phone or PDA.
  8. Simple and effective user interface design.
  9. Low computer system requirements.

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